Welcome to my Travel Blog!

I’m excited to share all my years of knowledge of travel to everyone checking out my blog.

A little about me…I started out in nursing and loved it but the world of travel was calling me.

My favorite subjects to study in school were Art and Geography. I would study maps and mark all the places I wanted to go. I did not know at the time how to make a living in travel and being the practical person I am, listened to my parents and studied nursing in college and worked as a nurse..I lasted two years!

Much to my parents dismay, I got a job answering phones and filing brochures at a celebrity travel agency. I realized that was what I wanted to do and took night courses in travel and tourism eventually earning a CTA certification in Travel and Tourism.

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Over 25 years later, I am still in the travel business and I love it! I have specialized in working in on-site travel departments at various corporate and entertainment companies.

I have traveled extensively since I started in travel whenever I found the time. I used all my vacation time to travel to as many destinations as possible. I still have more places to visit and will share all of my travels in this blog!

My friends have asked me why start a travel blog during this Pandemic time when travel is so restricted?

My answer is why not! It’s a perfect time to share travel opportunities that everyone can enjoy. It’s uplifting to think about a wonderful African Safari or a fun trip to Cabo San Lucas or a study trip to Egypt.

We all know that travel will come back and let’s all be ready when it does.

I hope this blog is enjoyed by many and I look forward to hearing about all you the readers sharing your comments and travel experiences as well.

My very best wishes to all of you travel lovers!

Cynthia Raiter

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